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64, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center 1, Jumeirah, Dubai
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Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of the richest and most visited cities in the world with the seaport of Jabal Ali, which is one of the largest ports in the world with access to the Persian Gulf. In addition, this city is the most important administrative and business center not only in the UAE but also in the entire Middle East.


Dubai is a leader in terms of financial and tourism development in the entire Middle East. And in terms of growth and construction, it is comparable to Shanghai.
One of the significant advantages is the absence of taxes on corporate income, capital gains tax, personal income tax, and tax on repatriation of income. The United Arab Emirates also has double tax treaties with more than twenty countries around the world, which greatly attracts investors from all over the world.
In addition, Dubai's Jabal Ali seaport, thanks to its low duties, occupies a leading position in the region in the re-export of various goods, including gold.
Free economic zones (FEZs) are of great value in doing business in Dubai. The offshore zone is also located in the Jebel Ali area, not far from the port.

Major cities

  • Bur Dubai - the historical center;
  • Gardens - sleeping area;
  • Downtown - a business district of the city under construction;
  • Deira - the eastern commercial part of the city;
  • Jumeirah - seaside residential area;
  • Dubai Marina is a residential area around a man-made bay in the west of the city.

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