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apartments in Dubai in the price range from
there are not many houses in Dubai, but we will find what you need
here you will find a suitable penthouse for you
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Are there any prospects for Dubai real estate?

How profitable is it to invest in real estate in Dubai in 2022 ?

There was a time when real estate prices were going down rapidly and it was a good time for investors who were buying up the real estate market. Prices are now set to rise over the next few years as Dubai attracts Tourists from all over the world. Not surprisingly, Dubai has a favorable climate, the sea and a lot of entertainment. In addition, Dubai is very attractive for investment and these investments are increasing every year.
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In 2021 alone, the UAE economy showed a growth of 3.2% according to official reports from the Ministry of Real Estate, more than 57,600 real estate transactions were recorded in Dubai alone. These figures are 87.40% higher than all indicators for real estate purchase and sale transactions for the entire 2020. In our opinion, this is the best sales figure since 2014, which makes Dubai even more attractive for investment.

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